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Hongyuan Printing Packaging focuses on high-grade packaging color box professional customization, providing a variety of high-grade color box customization, such as clothing packaging box, sock packaging box, shirt packaging box, tie packaging box, bra packaging box, underwear packaging box, etc., we use the best raw materials in the market, exquisite product technology, fine workmanship, High cost performance, very punctual delivery. If necessary, welcome to Jiangyin Hongyuan printing and packaging professional high-end packaging color box manufacturer.

Book printing manufacturerJiangsu
Set up a quantity 1000 starting points (according to material, process, quantity, quantity, price, excellence).
Product specification Customized on demand, free design
Tissue paper (mounting) Coated paper, special paper, cortex, black cardboard, kraft paper, etc.
Internal material Gray board (200 grams, 250 grams, 300 grams, 450 grams, 800 grams, 900 grams, 1000 grams); medium fiber paper (2.5-9MM); corrugated paper (3 layers corrugated, 5 layers corrugated, multi-layer corrugated), etc.
Printing technology Import four color printing, spot color printing.
Treatment process Film covering (photoresist, dummy gum), printing UV oil, bronzing, hot silver, bump, reverse, etc.

Order process

Step one: determine your size.

The second step: identify your materials and processes.

External materials: kraft paper、Black cardboard、Corrugated paper、、White cardboard and grey cardboard、Special paper、Art paper

Process: bronzing, scalding Silver、UVGrind、Bump, embossing, reverseUV、Film mulching

 Third step: confirm the quantity of your order, we will quickly quote the price.

 The fourth part: signing the contract, paying the deposit./Payment for goods

 The fifth step: Production and shipment

Why do we choose us?
1: Manufacturer customization, many years of professional experience the company has experienced more than 20 years of training and accumulation, to assets as a link, to brand as a leader, relying on large-scale production to constantly fight the market, to our profession and quickly become the industry leader!
2: Focus on experience, strong technical force, reasonable price, the company has an independent production plant, an area of 20,000 square meters, the company's development needs, the company continues to "quality first, service first, customer value creation" as the market-oriented, with the most competitive price and excellent technology with all customers Create the future together!
3: The integrity and strength of the company has been recognized by the industry, and has a professional pre-sale, in-sales, after-sales one-to-one service, ready to answer your questions, truly customer-centric!
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