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What kind of paper do you choose for printing box, brush and other printing?

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Copy paper: 17g specification is used for VAT gift packaging, which is usually pure white.
Grey paperboard: a typical environment-friendly packaging material. Grey board is divided into two types: single and double.
Grey bottom white paper: 200g above white bottom ash for packaging.
Coated paper: one of the main materials in the printing industry. The surface smooth coating also has single and double points, and the paper also has light and (Ya Guang) no light.
Copper paper: single copper: used in cartons, cartons, handbags, cartons and other medium and high-grade printing.
Double copper: 80-400g degree. Magnanimity is used in high-grade printing products.
Sub powdered paper: 105-400g for elegant, high-grade color printing.
Kraft paper: 60-200g for packaging, cartons, file bags, portfolio, envelopes.
White cardboard: 200g double-sided white for mid-range packaging.
Special Paper: Paper material with small output, various kinds and special uses, which is generally used for printing covers, handicrafts, decorations, fine works and so on.

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