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Gift box packaging: what are the common structures of product packaging color box printing?

返回列表 Source: Hongyuan printing Release date:2017/11/27 Edit: Admin

     According to the basic structure of the product packaging box design is divided into foldable, non-foldable, and after special treatment can be filled with liquid soft product packaging box. In view of the folding structure is the most common in the production of color box printing, this section focuses on the following color box product packaging box common several structural design.
1. Portable
From the literal meaning we can see that the biggest feature of this color box product packaging box is convenient for users to carry. The handle part can be attached or formed by interlocking and extending the cover and side. Handles are usually mounted on boxes. In order to save space for transportation and facilitate transportation, handles are generally designed to be folded.
2. Rocking cover structure
This is a combination of the cover and the box body, the cover body is fixed on one side and the other side can be shaken open. There is another type of structure that can be separated from each other. The color box designed in this way is easy to open, especially suitable for goods that need to be exhibited or displayed frequently.

3. Pull type.
It is a double-deck structure and a pulling form, so it is firm, thick and easy to use. In general, the image of this structure is called drawer type. With the help of these common color box structures can be combined directly with each other to form a beautiful and novel combination structure.
4, open window structure
This is to open a transparent window on the developable surface, allowing the user to visualize the products inside the product box. According to the way the window can be divided into box cover transparent, partial window, multi-faceted transparent, etc., generally with transparent plastic sheet combined use.

5. Heteromorphic structure

This is commonly seen in diamond shaped, five corners, book, triangle, cylindrical, etc. Mainly through the straight line or arc cutting and surface directly combined with each other, interpretation of the meaning of unique modeling.

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