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Implementing new development plan and strengthening internal management

返回列表 Source: Hongyuan printing Release date:2017/11/27 Edit: Admin

The implementation of the new development plan, the strengthening of internal management, the implementation of the post responsibility system, and improve the management staff and the work of the work-piece staff enthusiasm and responsibility.
Perfect the quality management process, strengthen the quality awareness of the staff, strengthen quality control; implement product quality responsibility system, the implementation of quality self-inspection, mutual inspection, full-time inspection and other multiple inspection methods, and strive to improve the rate of finished products, 100% of the factory

The implementation of product quality responsibility system has improved the quality awareness of each employee and obviously improved the quality awareness of employees.

In order to better improve the quality of service, the company carries out on-the-job training for the newly added business logistics and sets up a customer service team.

Continue to strengthen investment in the introduction of talent, advanced production equipment, to create high-end products and mass products at the same time commercial printing one-stop service platform

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