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Paper printing and packaging: two main lines of new industry

返回列表 Source: Hongyuan printing Release date:2017/11/27 Edit: Admin

First, this week's core view: the pace of transformation and upgrading of home faucets continues, and is mainly divided into two main lines, the first line is to open up new business areas, the second line is to build a Pan-home ecosystem on the basis of existing home business. 1, Zhejiang Yongqiang:

Home sales + tourism two main businesses go hand in hand, home plate is launched "one metre balcony" plan, the second is to cooperate with the star wardrobe to establish a mobile home cross-border e-commerce platform, travel plate is to acquire part of the Beijing United Tinto Skyline equity, and to increase its capital, Yongqiang holdings of 60%, including 51book Skyline Ticket Distribution Platform, 51bo OK tourism distribution platform, 51book brigade shipping division operation platform. 2. Dell Home: Intelligent Interconnected Home Industry + Graphene New Material and New Energy Industry, and has issued a one-year fixed-rate increase program, fixed price (> 21.81 yuan / share) to make graphene-containing super-lithium batteries and materials, and the strategic deployment of graphene has been promoted step by step. 3. Yihua Wood Industry: Actively promote the company's overall transformation and upgrading, that the future competition is the competition between the ecosystems, the company integrated the four major advantages of resources, linking the three platforms, and Haier Home, Merlot, Helpful Network, Aifuwo, Wodi Home, multi-dimensional Shangshu, financial stores and other strategic cooperation to achieve harmony An open ecosystem of effective connectivity between people and services. 4. Qumei Home: Channel expansion pays more attention to quality, product positioning, multi-style complete, adhering to the "utensils affect the spirit of design and create life" concept, the strategy of big house continued to advance.

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